Much as been made of the New York Jets getting the league maximum of six nationally televised games this season thanks to the buzz created by the signing of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

But in terms of media revenue, national television money is split evenly among the league’s 32 teams regardless of how many times a team appears on a telecast.

Not so for the Westwood One national radio broadcasts where the number of times a etam appears on national radio impacts the amount of money they earn. This is why some teams have different national revenue—league=wide media, sponsorships, licensing—than other teams. (local revenue is from tickets, premium seating, stadium advertising, in-market radio and preseason television)

For example, for the 2022 season the Green Bay Packers reported $374 million in national revenue while the Washington Commanders reported $372 million in national revenue in the prospectus Josh Harris provided potential investors in the team prior to his purchase.

During the 2022 season the Packers were on Westwood One national radio eight times, the Commanders three times and the Jets just once. This season the Jets are scheduled for seven games.

By NFL standards, but think of the extra few million bucks like like getting your punter paid for a year.


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