P.aige Hendricks Buckner knows the stats about the female founder and investor ecosystem. In 2022, women-founded startups received only 2% of the amount of venture capital. Meanwhile, about 60% of U.S. venture firms lack female check-issuers, women who use their expertise to make investment decisions.

In early May, Hendricks Buckner took a position that would allow those numbers to change. After serving as interim director since January, she became the permanent CEO of All Rays, a nonprofit dedicated to doubling the number of women check-writers in the United States. . Hendricks Buckner is her third CEO in the organization’s history. The organization began in 2017 as a volunteer-based collective effort of her 30-plus female investors in Silicon Valley.

Today, All Raise has six chapters nationwide, providing board acceleration programs and media training resources for Black and Latinx founders. Hendricks Buckner is committed to further developing these programs to ensure that investors, founders and company executives who interact with All Raise have the resources, knowledge and training they need to move forward. I consider it my mission.

“Part of our work at All Rays is to support women’s empowerment and shift intergenerational wealth, thereby shifting generational power,” said Hendrix Buckner. forbes On Zoom in April. In June, she embarked on a six-city tour to talk to the Allrays chapter about exactly how to transfer her money and power. During her time in New York, she sat down with ForbesWomen editor Maggie McGrath to discuss why women need access to better networks to get the best deals, and how to get more women to become angel investors. We talked about how we can be and why female founders are better. It’s a bet for investors looking for valuable opportunities.

“Women run with 25% less capital each month than other founders,” said Hendrix Buckner. “Women do more with less effort and create more value for investors… If you are an investor now, you should bet on women.”

To read our full conversation, click the video above or watch it here on YouTube.

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