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Ann Arbor’s Keebo is designed to reduce infrastructure costs through data learning. // stock photos

Ann Arbor’s data learning platform, Keebo, today announced the closing of its Series A funding round led by True Ventures.

Previous investors include Neotribe, Pear, 406 Ventures, and Uncorrelated Ventures, all of whom participated in Keebo’s Series A with new investor True Ventures.

Keebo founder Barzan Mozafari said: “There aren’t many products that take 30 minutes to set up and wake up the next day and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Today Keebo also announced fully automated Warehouse Optimization. This is a new hosting capability that enables enterprises to dramatically reduce their cloud warehouse costs by an average of 30-60%, freeing up their data teams to focus on work with clear business value. Instead of manually optimizing your workload and data infrastructure,

Keebo significantly increased revenue and organic growth with short sales cycles and zero churn. The company is currently working with various companies such as Allbirds, TUI, Barstool Sports, and PayJoy to reduce warehouse costs and optimize queries so that data operations and data engineering teams can focus on increasing revenue. I’m here.

With the launch of Warehouse Optimization, Keebo is one step closer to its goal of removing the operational cost barrier to running analytics in the cloud. Cloud data warehousing has eliminated upfront costs but increased operational costs.

Enterprises are spending more to operate cloud services because there is a large gap between default and optimized performance. As a result, the complexity of modern data pipelines and a shortage of specialists make cloud data services difficult to operate and optimize.

Puneet Agarwal, partner at True Ventures, said:

Data teams typically spend 30-40% of their time developing features to ensure that their infrastructure is cost- and performance-friendly. This new offering allows users to do more with less, and onboard more applications and data sources to their cloud data warehouses without worrying about going over budget.

said Trish Pham, head of analytics at Keebo customer PayJoy. “It doesn’t require any work on my part. Even if I liked manual optimization, I couldn’t achieve what Keebo automatically achieves. Thank you Keebo for saving us!” I log in for a few minutes every few weeks just to make sure it’s there, and I used to spend hours every week doing manual optimizations.”

The company’s latest funding recognizes Keebo’s continued organic growth and market opportunity, and will help the team’s size and product continue to deliver more value to its rapidly growing user community. .