Incredibly, the Biden administration Iran is resuming talks with Iran in the vain hope of thwarting the brutal mullah’s determination to make the country a nuclear power. Looking at North Korea, they long ago concluded that obtaining the bomb was vital to the survival of their regime and North Korea’s goal of controlling the oil-rich Middle East. .

This episode of What’s Ahead makes a powerful case that the White House’s policy on Iran is deadly stupid. Since taking office, Biden and his team have tried to revive some version of the seriously flawed 2015 nuclear deal that was scrapped by President Trump in 2018. Despite offering concession after concession, Tehran’s butchers refused to say yes and negotiations stalled. finished a year ago.

Well, let’s get back to the story. Iran is on the brink of building a bomb, and Israel warns of possible military strikes if Iran goes further. Instead of coddling Iran, Mr. Biden should warn mullahs and others that the United States will fully support Israel’s actions. Deterrence, not appeasement, is desperately needed now.

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