EA’s Chief Operating Officer Laura Miele was recently named CEO Next by Forbes, putting AI, Gen Z, and gaming on a list of leaders likely to head some of America’s biggest companies. It’s about staying ahead of the curve.

If Electronic Arts decides to one day model a hero in a game, Laura Miele would be a strong contender. has been a vocal advocate for including more women in the game. She has also played a key role in maintaining video her gaming giant’s leadership in an industry where new competitors call in daily.

Miele, who grew up in Incline Village, a “Census-designated place” on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, credits her curiosity and lifelong love of gaming as factors that have kept her devoted to EA for the past 27 years. is listed.

“To be successful in this industry, you need to be largely immune to, and energized by, the flames of chaos, change and innovation,” says Miele. “Another very important factor is the connection you have with your players. Those who are thinking of showing up are the ones who succeed. ”

miele spoke forbes How Gen Z players actually have different expectations and playstyles than millennials, and why Hollywood is now calling out her favorite video game characters [hint: Megan Rapinoe] And, of course, her plans for world domination.

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