P.Project Veritas has cut Chairman James O’Keeffe’s salary by $15,000 in 2021, according to the nonprofit’s tax returns.

The group told the IRS that James’ report 2020 compensation was $411,600However, the following year, $396,400, down 3.7%. Both numbers are $56,000 Project Veritas paid O’Keefe in 2012the first year the group reported compensation to him.

Project Veritas’ 2021 revenue declined 6% year-over-year.

Founded in 2010 by O’Keeffe, the organization employs undercover agents, hidden cameras, clever edit Promote conservative causes. Although it obtained tax exempt status in 2011, Project Veritas You didn’t report the payment to O’Keeffe That year he claimed to have worked 50 hours a week.

Last year wasn’t the first time O’Keeffe’s pay has declined. In 2016, Project Veritas received his $4.9 million and paid O’Keefe his $318,000. The following year, with Trump’s first inauguration in the White House, Project Veritas’ earnings jumped to his $8 million, while O’Keeffe’s compensation plummeted to his $305,000. Project Veritas says he will pay O’Keefe a total of $2.8 million by 2021.

The well may have run dry. new york magazine On Wednesday, O’Keeffe reported that he was on paid leave from the organization and that its board was considering removing him from his current position.

Neither a Project Veritas spokesperson nor an O’Keefe representative responded to inquiries. However, he looks optimistic that he will be back at work soon. is sending

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