America’s true national pastime had a 2022 banner.

The National Football League generated a record $11.9 billion in national revenue (equal share) during the 2022 season, up 7% year-on-year.

Each of the league’s 32 teams earned $372 million from domestic media rights, league sponsorships, merchandising and licensing. The biggest part so far comes from NFL national television deals with ESPN/ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC and Amazon.
League officials said the total was $249 million. Amazon launched an 11-year, $13.2 billion Thursday Night Football exclusive streaming deal with the league last season. The $372 million also includes his DirecTV Sunday Ticket, which averages $1.5 billion annually.

The NFL’s national bounty will rise again this year as major networks begin new long-term deals and Alphabet’s YouTube takes over Sunday tickets from DirecTV for an average of $2 billion a year (up 50%). .

Domestic media accounts for about 67% of football-related revenues across the league. In addition, each team generates approximately $200 million in total revenue from non-NFL events such as concerts at stadiums. So when the final local numbers are tallied up and added, NFL earnings could exceed his $20 billion before subtracting the earnings used to pay off stadium debt.

Below are deals with the league’s national media, according to an investment book Josh Harris’ group provided for potential partners in its pending $6 billion acquisition of the Washington Commanders.


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