R.Watkins, who is widely accused of fabricating the QAnon conspiracy theory, told the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday that he wants to end his congressional campaign.

Watkins says he is not the man behind QAnon. He ran as a Republican out of Arizona and lost the primary in August. His committee remained active, but he had no cash on hand as of September 30.

In addition to announcing its intention to close on Tuesday, the campaign also amended its final three financial disclosures. Watkins signed all four of yesterday’s submissions as campaign treasurer, even though his campaign’s most recent organizational statement lists someone else in the role.

From the beginning, his campaign was a sloppy operation. In the year since its inception, he has been accused by the FEC of registering incorrectly, failing to initially disclose his 40% of the quarter donations, and providing incomplete information about donors. I had an inquiry about The campaign corrected his registration ten times.

He also amassed a small bitcoin portfolio worth $1,400. Watkins, who didn’t respond to a request for comment, said he had announced the election on Aug. 1, one day before the final runoff of his seven candidates, who were vying for the Republican nomination in Arizona’s Second District. Purchased the camp’s virtual currency holding stock. Watkins has also forgiven half of his $95,000 loan taken for the campaign.

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