The Rise Of The Six-Figure Vacation

As the travel industry continues to recover from the pandemic, one sector remains undeniably healthy—the six-figure vacation. According to several leading luxury tour operators, the ultra-rich are booking more trips that cost upwards of $100,000, including around-the-world excursions and extended journeys to Asia and Africa. Says Justin Huxter, cofounder of Cartology Travel, “the focus is shifting to spending more on the experiences rather than the primary focus being on the accommodation.”

Italy Names Six New ‘Beautiful Villages’

Each year, I Borghi Più Belli d’Italia, an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the heritage of smaller, often rural destinations, announces new locales to add to its list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The association recently named six new villages, ranging from Piedmont to Basilicata, bringing the total number to 354—with hundreds more waiting to be recognized.

The ‘Z Towns’—An Offbeat European Road Trip

Looking for a great road trip in Europe this fall? Veteran travel writer Joe Yogerst recommends starting at the back of the atlas. The journey between Zagreb and Zadar in northern Croatia is less than 200 miles via the Croatian wine country, two beautiful national parks, and a spectacular bridge before reaching the gorgeous Adriatic coast. Here’s where to eat, stay and play for an A-plus trip between two Z towns.

Travel Wise

Last month, Finland became the first European nation to allow travelers to cross its border with a digital passport on a smartphone instead of a physical passport. If the pilot program is successful, the European Union wants at least 80% of citizens in the 27-country bloc to be using a digital ID by 2030. Here’s what you need to know about a digital passports and how soon they may be rolled across the world.

Dazzling Resorts In South America

While luxurious South American hotels can be found from northern Colombia to the southern tip of Argentina, the continent’s Relais & Châteaux properties offer a taste of its rich culinary culture—along with incredible outdoor adventures and wellness experiences to work off all those calories. Here are some dazzling South American resorts to have on your radar.


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