Donald Trump’s former chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, testified last week in a fraud case that the New York attorney general is waging against the former president and his associates, including Weisselberg. During that testimony, Weisselberg lied about Trump’s penthouse apartment at Trump Tower, saying “That was never a concern of mine. I never even thought about the apartment.”

Forbes published a story last week laying out the truth. “A review of old emails and notes, some of which the attorney general’s office does not possess, show that Weisselberg absolutely thought about Trump’s apartment—and played a key role in trying to convince Forbes over the course of several years that it was worth more than it really was,” the story said.

Weisselberg’s testimony abruptly stopped after the article came out. Citing the story, the attorney general’s office explained to a judge in a letter dated October 18th that it identified “likely omissions from production around inquiries from Forbes in 2016.” The attorney general’s office went on to suggest that a monitor should conduct a forensic examination of Trump Organization data to make sure that the real estate firm produced all required documents.

Forbes does not know whether the Trump Organization produced all of its documents. The evidence that Forbes has that Weisselberg lied, which the attorney general’s office certainly does not have, is a collection of notes taken by Forbes reporters who were in touch with the Trump Organization over the years while estimating the size of Trump’s fortune. It is those notes that show Weisselberg thought about his boss’ penthouse a lot—contrary to his testimony—and that he consistently pushed Forbes to overvalue it.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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