Dior holds ‘Dioliviera’ pop-up at Beverly Hills Hotel

T.His legendary Beverly Hills Hotel looks a little chic these days thanks to Dior’s new ‘Dioliviera’ pop-up, which runs through Labor Day weekend. The French fashion house’s acquisition of Pink His Palace swimming pool is the perfect blend of fashion and fun. Featuring lounge chairs covered in pink and gray Toile de Jouy and matching parasols and cabanas, guests can immerse themselves in all things Dior. Along with this outdoor transformation, Dior’s mini-his boutique will also open. Here, exclusive items such as Dior surfboards, yoga mats, tableware and other decorative items will be available, allowing fans of the brand to purchase these collectibles to recreate Dioriviera at home.

Airbus reveals the future of travel in 2035

Want to know what aviation will look like 10 years from now? announced a vision. The focus is on aircraft cabins, which research suggests can contribute 10-20% to the overall environmental impact of an aircraft over its life cycle. Future planes in 2035 will look like this:

Inside Villa Lena, an artistic retreat in the heart of Tuscany

Built for an Italian nobility in the 19th century, Tuscany’s Villa Lena was mostly abandoned and dilapidated. Today, Villa Lena has been transformed into a luxury hotel and retreat for artists. (The Villa Lena Foundation runs an artist-in-residence program.) The property features a hilltop pool and a farm-to-table restaurant serving homemade pasta, freshly made cheese, and local organic wines. I have.

smart travel

To check or not to check, that is always the question. Given the prevalence of lost luggage, even those in elite status are debating whether it’s worth it anymore. And the decision not to check suitcases comes with complications, like fighting over the limited space in the overhead bins. Here, we’ll show you how to decide whether it’s better to check your baggage or carry it on calmly.

The hottest restaurants in Ibiza for summer 2023

Restaurants in Ibiza are often fully booked before the summer season begins. But that doesn’t stop adventurous foodies from trying to dine at the busiest spots for Michelin-worthy food. Here are some places to eat, drink and have fun in Ibiza this summer.


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